Vertical roll storage carousels are perfect for organizing and storing large, ungainly materials like carpeting and rugs. While our roll carousels can be used for any difficult to manage rolled materials from vinyl to textiles, they are particularly useful for storing and dispensing large pieces of carpet to be cut and re-rolled for delivery or installation.

Not only are our carousels able to save up to 70% of the floor space required to store your stock of carpet or rugs, but storing them in separate horizontal rolls can greatly reduce damage caused to products by storing them on the floor or in disorganized stacks. Our carousels are able to carry rolls up to a 28 inch outside diameter and 1200lbs, making them quickly and safely accessible to operators.

Vertical carousels by Summit Storage Solutions are constructed with simple, reliable mechanical operation and controls. This makes them easy and quick to use with very little training, while avoiding the complexity and unreliability that can result from computer driven automated systems.

Our roll carousels’ height, motorized operation, and ability to dispense rolled goods set them apart from carpet storage racks and other non-customized static storage solutions. To learn more about these carousels, visit our roll vertical storage carousel page.

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