Whether a warehouse, fulfillment center, or cross-dock facility, every type of distribution center can benefit from vertical storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions. By taking advantage of unused air space, vertical carousels increase the number of goods, packages, materials, and parts that can be stored per square foot of floorspace. This means that distribution centers can increase their storage capacity and decrease the distance between inventory, thereby increasing efficiency.

Vertical storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions also increase throughput with their easy-to-use control system. This system’s simple “up” and “down” buttons give the operator total control to pick what they need when they need it, rotating the carousels’ shelves until the desired inventory is at waist level. This delivery method also improves workplace safety for employees as it reduces the need to bend and lift.

No matter how you look at it, vertical carousels by Summit Storage are the solution to improve your distribution center’s bottom line. View our carousel types to see how Summit Storage Solutions’ improve storage efficiency for everything from garments to wire.

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