For commercial printers, our customized vertical storage carousels provide simple, efficient storage for unwieldy print cylinders, print sleeves, mandrels, paper rolls, and more. Our print cylinder storage carousels can be designed to hold one, two, or three cylinders per level, while our roll storage carousels can accommodate numerous paper rolls up to 28 inches in outer diameter and 1200 lbs in weight.

How does this vertical storage benefit your business?

  • By storing print cylinders and other tools and materials in unused air space in your printing facility, our vertical carousels free up precious floor space for other uses.
  • Our carousels’ simple controls and fast delivery make it quick and easy to access your stored inventory, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing lead times.
  • Proper off-the-ground storage in vertical carousels protects stored items from damages.
  • Our carousels deliver inventory at an ergonomic, waist-high height that reduces the chance of workers being injured while bending and lifting heavy items.
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