Increase warehouse storage capacity and improve picking efficiency with vertical storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions. As a vertical storage system, our carousels allow warehouses to store more inventory in a smaller footprint. This allows more inventory to be stored in a smaller floor area, which reduces the distance between shelves.

Beyond taking advantage of unused warehouse airspace, our carousels make it easier and safer for warehouse workers to perform their jobs. They feature simple controls for quick, easy operation, and deliver items at an ergonomic, waist-high height. This reduces the need for workers to bend and lift, which helps avoid back and other injuries. With vertical storage carousels doing the lifting for you, you can also reduce your warehouse’s dependence on forklifts and other material handling equipment.

Summit Storage has built custom vertical carousels for warehouses with a diverse range of needs and applications. Whether your facility stores raw materials, parts, or finished goods related to manufacturing, agriculture, or another industry, Summit Storage Solutions can build a warehouse storage solution to fit your needs.

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