Spool vertical storage carousels are an ideal storage solution for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of spooled goods like wire and cable. Unlike stationary wire reel racks, our motorized vertical storage does the heavy lifting to get spools and drums off of the floor and into an organized storage arrangement. In doing so, they free up floorspace and take advantage of unused airspace in your production facility, warehouse, or store. Stored inventory is easy to access, too, as our carousels feature simple operational controls that quickly bring the desired spool to an ergonomic height for removal.

Because our spool storage carousels make it possible to access wire, cable, and chain without lifting their heavy spools, they are an ideal storage solution for industrial suppliers and other retailers. In these businesses, operators can measure and cut lengths of their spooled goods without ever removing the spools from the carousel.

In more ways than one, vertical storage carousels by Summit Storage can bring efficiency and cost savings to the management of your cable and wire inventory.

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