Storing printing plate cylinders is difficult and generally inefficient due to their size and ungainly shape, but vertical storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions can change this. Our carousels can be customized for print cylinders of all sizes, to maximize the use of floor and vertical space, while allowing them to be easily accessed and retrieved by a single operator.

Print Cylinder Carousels

Our carousels provide simple “up” and “down” controls meaning that they can be used with little to no training, quickly bringing the desired print cylinder within easy reach. This means more efficient retrieval and less back injuries with no need to bend over to get heavy cylinders off of the carousel and onto a transportation cart.

The simple mechanical operation of our vertical storage carousels also means that they are less expensive and less prone to breakage and error than other available storage solutions. Sturdy construction and a lack of computer systems mean less downtime and maintenance, saving you money every day they are in operation.

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