Roll Vertical Carousels by Summit Storage Solutions will help you organize large, difficult-to-manage rolls of material such as vinyl, carpet, textiles and paper. Fabric roll racks and motorized carousels can save you up to 70% of your floor space and reduce product damage by keeping rolls off the floor.

Store your goods with industry-approved methods and prevent accidental slips, trips and falls caused by improperly stored materials.

The simple mechanical operation of our fabric rack storage units will reduce retrieval time and increase product throughput by quickly bringing inventory to a safe, accessible level without requiring the use of a forklift or step system. Our systems are designed to carry rolls with up to 28 inches outside diameter and 1,200 lbs., making them quickly and safely accessible to operators.

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Applications of Roll Storage Racks

Any company that uses textiles, cloths, paper or other materials that can be rolled can make effective use of roll storage racks. Our experts have helped companies across multiple industries speed up their work and safely store their inventory.

Some of our clients have been in the areas you’d expect, such as carpet and flooring warehouses, big box retailers and home improvement stores. However, fabric roll racks and roll storage racks are also improving efficiencies for automotive detailers, warehouses and logistics fulfillment centers.

Types of roll storage carousels:

  • carpet roll storage carousels
  • vinyl roll storage carousels
  • fabric roll storage carousels


Motorized Fabric Carousel Features & Benefits

Roll storage racks give your business a wide range of storage, shipping and inventory counting benefits. You can expect to see gains in efficiency and overall warehouse management by simply adopting motorized fabric carousels and fabric roll racks.
Some of the other features and benefits of motorized fabric roll storage racks include:

  • Support for rolls up to 28” OD and 1,200 lbs. This range of storage capacities means that we can offer a solution for almost any operation, no matter the material that needs to be stored and no matter its size. The high end of this range means your team can work with the material via carousel for an extended period of time before changing out cylinders.
  • Measure and cut directly from the carousel. Many operations that rely on fabric roll storage systems also need to be precise in measurements and cuts. When you choose the right vertical roll storage carousels, you have a built-in tool for measuring that allows for accurate and precise cuts without slowing down the work.
  • Simple design and operation, as well as easy-to-use controls.  A textile carousel or vinyl carousel isn’t helpful if it’s difficult to install and control and if it’s hard for your team members to operate. Our vertical carpet carousel options and options for vinyl and fabric carousels are designed to be simple and easy to use and operate. This eliminates the learning curve and allows your team to get up and running quickly.
  • Durable & aesthetic powder-coated finish. Get long-term value when you choose vertical roll storage carousels from Summit Storage Solutions, thanks to durability blended with affordability.
  • A safer work environment by reducing potentially dangerous steps for storing materials that can be rolled. You can rest assured that your team members are as safe as possible when using our fabric roll storage systems — these vertical storage solutions help keep your valued team members safe.
  • No need for employees to walk, lift, bend or drag materials across your warehouse. That’s the real benefit of vertical roll storage carousels — the system does the heavy lifting while making material accessible to even a lone operator.
  • Minimal effort for roll changes or adjustments, allowing your team to operate efficiently and quickly when filling complex or large orders. Your team’s work moves forward at full throttle thanks to seamless changes, so that you can do more on behalf of your customers.

There’s a whole world of benefits that a textile carousel, vinyl carousel or vertical carpet carousel helps you discover. You’ll find a number of benefits specific to your business, but the ones listed above are the most common and universal among operations that choose vertical roll storage carousels.

Simple Design, Easy Operation


Installing and using fabric roll storage systems takes no time at all. The simple design and easy operation provides the user with only options for “up” or “down,” avoiding the need for fancy screens and interfaces that are hard to use and to break. This means that operators need very little training and that the systems require very little maintenance. Summit Storage Solutions finally makes organization easy!

At Summit Storage Solutions, we specialize in connecting businesses with the fabric roll storage systems and other vertical carousels needed to make their work easier and more productive. We offer a range of vertical carousel solutions, including textile carousel, vinyl carousel and vertical carpet carousel options.

No matter what type of storage solution you need, you can depend on getting a quality solution from Summit Storage. We strive to ensure that all products in our inventory are tested to deliver the utmost in performance and productivity, and each is designed to deliver long-term durability even under the harshest conditions.

Our team is always here to help, too. If you have questions about fabric roll storage systems and other vertical carousel solutions, we can answer them. If you generally know what you’re looking for but need help zeroing in on the perfect product, we can provide expert guidance. At Summit Storage Solutions, we are proud to deliver outstanding customer service that reflects the quality of your products.

To learn more about our motorized vertical fabric, carpet and vinyl roll racks and carousels, call us at 610-921-1119 or contact us online today.

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