The vertical spool carousel system by Summit Storage provides efficient motorized storage and access to wire, cable, rope, chain, tubing and anything else that is stored on a spool or reel. Our simple spool holder is flexible enough to work with any type of spool, and our carousels can be customized to fit spools of any size, up to 10’.

Our vertical storage system will greatly reduce the floor space required to store spooled inventory, while allowing quick and easy access for users. Dispensing the product is safe and ergonomic, as our automated carousel can bring it directly to workable height, eliminating the need to bend over or use a ladder.

Merchandise management can improve simply by installing wire spool storage racks and cable reel storage systems. They provide safe and simple operations while multiple configurations allow each rack to adjust for different uses in textile, manufacturing, home improvement and warehousing situations.

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What Can You Expect From Motorized Wire Spool Storage Racks?

Wire Carousels and spool storage racks are delivering savings and safety improvements to a wide range of brands. Your operations will see improvements to labor efficiency and storage as well as improvements in many other arenas important to your customers.

Some of the top wire carousel benefits include:

  • Save floor space by moving your inventory up all the way to your ceiling. Automated platforms can bring each spool down to your work area, so there’s no need to climb to use storage.
  • Improved efficiency and throughput from employees who can stay at their workstation but manage multiple product lines.
  • Inventory control improvements thanks to cable reel storage that limits access to your goods. There are no uncovered or exposed elements on a wire spool rack.
  • Easy integration with management tools such as RFID scanners, badge scanners and video monitoring options.
  • Order accuracy can easily reach up to 99% by using an inventory management process that allows your system to give the proper spool to your pickers.

Expand Your Operations With a Wire Spool Rack

Our simple mechanical interface uses only “up” and “down” buttons, requiring very training for new operators and providing very little margin for error. This also provides the most reliable system with a minimum number of moving parts and electronics, making the cost of running and maintaining our systems as low as possible.

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