Storing tires on their treads creates a large footprint, while stacking them laying horizontally makes it inefficient to retrieve those at the bottom of the stack. Vertical tire storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions take the best of both methods, requiring a much smaller footprint while making it easy to find and retrieve the tire you need.

Our tire storage rack solutions will store tires of all types up to a size of 33”, making them perfect for all types of businesses, from tire shops, wholesalers and manufacturers as well as car dealerships and trucking logistics companies.

We can also customize our carousels and carriers for a variety of less common tires and uses. Optimize your tire needs with the right automated tire carousel.

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Service Center Applications and More

Vertical tire storage racks are for more than just the traditional tire service center and sales hub. We’ve proudly expanded the capabilities of large mechanics, tire warehouses, auto dealerships and more through smart automated tire carousels.

If your business uses tires consistently, then you’ll benefit from a tire storage solution. From trucking companies to junkyard dealers, storing and retrieving the right tire simply and safely is always a smart investment.

Increase Efficiency and Sales With Tire Storage Solutions

Maximize your storage potential and get the most out of that all-important floor space when you use your vertical real estate. Tire storage racks and carousels can expand your storage plus give you the automated picking platform that prevents employee strain and dangerous forklift maneuvers.

Other benefits of an automated tire storage solution include:

  • Reduced safety concerns by eliminating the need for ladders.
  • Perform complex or strenuous stacking and storage through smart machinery.
  • Simple design that allows any employee to learn the system.
  • Durable and able to withstand continued use with heavy goods like all-terrain tires for large trucks or heavy equipment.

Let our motorized tire carousels deliver the tires your employees need direct access to at an easy-to-access work height or to your work station. Automated platforms give your team a hand by doing all the heavy lifting.

Keep Tire Storage Simple

Our simple motorized tire carousels are more reliable and less expensive than complex computer based systems. We also sell direct to consumers, cutting out the need for costly middlemen, saving you even more when compared to similar products. Our tire storage carousels are simply more efficient, less expensive and more reliable than other tire storage solutions on the market today.

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