Vertical carousel shelving provides an efficient, flexible means for storing inventory of a variety of different sizes and shapes in a single, organized location. Large products are able to best make use of vertical shelving carousel storage by smart stacking and automated picking where machinery is able to perform heavy lifting and labor for your employees.

Our carousels come standard with a basic shelving carrier that make them perfect for a huge number of applications. We can help recommend how to best deploy and organize products in tray storage carousels.

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Automated vertical carousel shelving is able to hold pallets and can be spaced to keep your equipment or goods packaged in large quantities safe together. They can operate for shipping or as a staging place before you break down items for easier dissemination.

The possibilities don’t end there. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities mean we can customize the tray multi-level carriers for a huge variety of potential applications, including retail, manufacturing, picking and packing, and shipping and fulfillment. The quick, efficient access to inventory makes for a smoothly running facility with faster, more accurate throughput.

Vertical industrial carousels and carousel shelving can withstand repeated, heavy use with thousands of pounds of lifting capabilities. This allows your warehousing and picking experts to manage inventory with limited strain and removes many instances where you can face accidents from tall ladders or forklifts running in tight spaces.

Benefits of a vertical shelving carousel storage solution include the ability to manage and track your inventory of all sizes. By making space for large units, you’ll have dedicated areas to store loose parts, boxes and other materials where you’re unlikely to spill over into multiple storage spaces.

We’ve also designed each automated vertical carousel shelving unit to operate as simply as possible. In just a few motions, operators can have everything they need delivered at a workable height for an improved picking and packing operation across any distribution center, WIP storage, manufacturing floor, storage platform and shipping department.

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Our vertical carousel shelving solutions are built with simplicity of operation in mind, with only simple “up” and “down” functionality, making them ideal for use in a variety of circumstance. This also makes them easy to use with almost no training, and very little safety protocol required. These carousels are ideal for almost any industrial or commercial storage application, and will run for years without any major problems or necessary maintenance.

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