The motorized push-button vertical garment storage carousels by Summit Storage Solutions are designed to efficiently manage the storage and retrieval of a wide range of garments from suits, coats and pants to longer pieces like gowns and dresses. They will free up space in your retail store, warehouse or manufacturing facility without requiring the use of lifts or ladders for access.

The very simple mechanical operation of our carousels allows for quick and easy access to garments without the need for complicated computers or systems that can be hard to use. Simple, sturdy “up” and “down” operation means our carousels are less expensive and more reliable than more complex storage solutions.

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It’s not just clothing warehouse that can benefit from adopting motorized clothing and garment carousels. We’ve helped big box retailers, small boutiques and clothing retailers of many other sizes better organize and save money.

Any operation that deals with a wide range of clothes in multiple arrangements can benefit from a clothing carousel.

If you’re expanding into the ever-growing world of e-commerce, a motorized garment carousel can make your order fulfillment that much easier, too. Grab only the garments you need and pack each individual order in the box that saves you the most money.

There’s no need to pre-pack, making it easier for you to add promotion flyers, mark down inventory with the right stickers and much more!

Features & Benefits of Vertical Garment Carousels

Motorized clothes racks can deliver a significant amount of time savings and improve the efficiency in almost any application.
Adding these amazing pieces of machinery to your warehousing, storage, retail or other operations can secure benefits including:

  • Save space and limit damage by moving clothes from boxes and onto hangers.
  • Move clothes from the stock room to the showroom faster because they are already on your hangers.
  • Run SKU volume analysis to manage and understand overall order volume, inventory quantity and physical size required of your inventory.
  • Simple reslotting to manage a wide variety of clothes as seasons and styles change.
  • Improved picking speeds and throughput by pairing it with existing inventory management systems.
  • Enhanced order fulfillment with room to load while still being able to remove items from the opposite side.
  • Durable, long-lasting solutions that will deliver a strong ROI.
  • Expand Your Capabilities Today
  • Provide a safer environment for your employees by eliminating the need for lifts or ladders to access clothing.

Summit Storage Solutions makes organization easy with motorized garment carousels and clothing racks.
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