Summit Storage Solutions designs and manufactures high-quality packaging and custom rack storage solutions. With a focus on form, fit and functionality as the foundation of our design, we are able to provide customers with quality solutions for products on the move. Our precisely designed product provides a safe and efficient solution for shipping, storage and full functionality in a manufacturing and/or assembly line process.

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Solutions for Products on the Move

Many companies and industries refer to racks, carts or crates by various names. Summit Storage Solutions can design and manufacture a solution for any product that is shipped, used in assembly line processes or moved between suppliers and end-users. Our solutions provide for safe transportation, storage or processing through your manufacturing facilities.
Some of the custom storage and shipping solutions we provide include:

  1. WIP and Assembly Line Racks/Carts
  2. Custom Shipping and Storage Racks
  3. Custom Storage and Shipping Carts
  4. Custom Storage and Shipping Baskets
  5. End-Item Crates/Racks
  6. Custom Stack Racks
  7. Design Engineering

Why Summit Storage Solutions?

Summit Storage Solutions specializes in the engineering and design of a wide variety of steel racks for shipping, storage and the overall protection of your product. Over the years, we have provided various industries around the country with our high-quality, custom-engineered and manufactured shipping/transportation racks. Many companies explore Chinese or other cheaply designed and manufactured rack solutions and do not consider that they’re getting exactly what they’re paying for.

A lackluster design, cheap materials and poor craftsmanship can present risks to the safety of your product, your employees, transportation and basically anyone that comes into contact with the product. All of our engineering and manufacturing is based in the USA, allowing us to provide you with competitive packaging solutions that are manufactured to last.

In-House Capabilities

Our in-house design, fabrication and manufacturing capabilities mean we can provide the following advantages compared to outsourcing separate processes:

  • Quality control from start to finish
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Increased speed of delivery

Our Method

We take every project as unique, and we listen to your engineers, production teams and suppliers until we completely see and understand your needs. We assign a packaging engineer and customer service person to work with you from start to finish.

We provide design assistance or 100% engineering/design based on your expectations. Our people are the best of the best in the industry. Our experience and complete understanding of protecting products, whether it’s stored in a warehouse or is continuously on the move from your supplier to your locations, or moved through you manufacturing or assembly process, means we can provide solutions for success.


We work with your people, part models, prints and/or your actual product in the engineering and manufacturing phases, from the start of any project. We take the information you provide and generate a concept for your review. We then take the approved concept and manufacture a prototype/first article for the testing of form, fit and safe function to obtain your final pre-production approval.

If additional specifications are requested, or engineering changes are needed, we adjust accordingly for you and resubmit for the final pre-production approval.

We can accomplish all of this as a result of our vast manufacturing operations, diverse range of capabilities and wealth of expertise in the manufacturing and engineering of packaging solutions. 100% made and designed in the USA.

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