Industrial steel storage containers such as the kind you’ll find at Summit Storage provide an ideal solution for your shipping and storage needs, regardless of your industry. Whether you are storing stamped parts, die cast parts, retail goods or anything else where you have multiple units of product that you need to keep organized, these industrial metal storage containers will do the job.

Our steel industrial storage containers have a very high load capacity, so you can store many heavy parts in them without concern. They are designed so that you can stack them easily and store them efficiently, meaning not only do they protect your parts and goods as you store them but they allow you to do so while saving a tremendous amount of space.

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Industrial Storage Container Applications

The applications for these metal industrial storage containers abound. They are great for the auto industry, for storing parts, tools, equipment or accessories, for food service goods, office supplies, warehouse inventory and more.

Types of Industrial Storage Containers

We’re prepared to provide you with industrial storage containers of varying sizes and load capacities, ones with drop-down gates, ones with locking mechanisms, ones that make use of a variety of materials and more. Just tell us what your needs are for your business and we’ll find an industrial storage container solution to accommodate them.

Why Custom-Fabricate Your Industrial Storage Containers?

One of the keys to success in industry is organization. If you have an organizational model that operates with precision and efficiency, you can boost productivity, save money and see a marked increase in the bottom line.

At Summit Storage Solutions, we understand that custom solutions are precision solutions, and that’s why part of our philosophy is to make sure you get exactly the storage products you need. We can do that by offering you the services of a packing engineering expert who can work with your team to help find storage solutions that aren’t just acceptable, but that fit your organizational framework perfectly. That’s what our custom-fabricated industrial storage container solutions are all about.

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