Looking to reduce the amount of space you use for inventory and improve your workspace’s efficiency? We’ve got the solution for you with a set of vertical sheet metal storage racks from Summit Storage Solutions.

Our sheet metal storage systems allow you to:

  • Organize your facility to be safe and efficient
  • Minimize floor space while expanding storage capacity
  • Customize storage racks to your industry’s needs
  • Keep your sheet metal within easy reach
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Benefits of a Sheet Metal Storage Solution

Sheet metal racking systems offer significant benefits when they are designed to meet your needs and adjust to your inventory levels. Our Sheet Metal Storage Solutions have several advantages over traditional cantilever rack systems, including:

  • Increased storage density: Organize more sheet metal in the same space and reclaim square footage. Enhance your inventory controls and counts and achieve a Higher Load Capacity.
  • Improved organization and efficiency: Achieve a more organized, cleaner workspace that makes it easier and faster to locate, access and replace sheet materials. Labels on sheet storage systems also help increase visibility and organization.
  • Higher ROI: Store more product in the same amount of space, and reduce the number of dropped and damaged sheets.
  • Improved safety: Organizing metal sheets in a structured rack is safer than piling sheets on the floor.
  • Higher employee morale: Racks are easier for employees to use, which increases productivity, profits and morale.
  • Reduced workload: One employee can safely and efficiently handle all loading and unloading.

Why Choose Custom-Fabricated Sheet Metal Storage Systems?

At Summit Storage Solutions, we can provide a sheet metal racking system customized to your facility and your business. No more one-size-fits-all solutions that result in wasted time and wasted space when racks do not fit into your set up.

A customized sheet metal racking system maximizes your available space, both vertical and horizontal. All of your excess sheet metal is stored in one place for easy, efficient and safe loading and unloading.

We specialize in coming up with the right storage plan for each company we work with. Because we do all the work in-house, we can design a unique, customized sheet metal storage rack system for you quite affordably. The money you can save by eliminating waste with a precision storage solution can easily provide the value you have been looking for.

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