Summit Storage Solutions offers customers vertical sheet metal storage racks and solutions that can significantly help to reduce the space used by inventory and improve the overall efficiency of your workspace.

Our sheet storage solution allows you to organize your facility for safe and efficient operations. Our design generates significant savings in floor space and can be customized to your industry needs.

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What Is Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal is one of the primary materials when it comes to parts fabrication. It is quite simply, as the name suggests, a flat sheet of metal which can be stamped, cast or cut into a variety of shapes as needed. The metal that makes up the sheet can be almost anything — aluminum, stainless steel, a composite of different metals or another metal entirely.

Sheet Metal Storage Applications

Many companies use sheet metal in their operations. Companies that are exclusively involved with the manufacture of metal parts, naturally, but many other industries as well, such as automotive and construction. For all of them, a quality sheet metal storage rack solution is critical.

If you don’t have a solution in place for storing sheet metal, there’s a good chance that your sheet metal is all over your factory or warehouse floor. This can be true whether or not sheet metal is the primary material you work with in your day-to-day operations.

When you don’t have your sheet metal safely stored in a reliable sheet metal rack, it is much easier for employees to trip over stray pieces and injure themselves, damage your sheet metal, or waste time trying to find the piece of sheet metal you need. The right sheet metal rack design can eliminate all of these problems from your facility.

Why Choose a Sheet Metal Storage Solution?

Sheet metal racking systems offer you significant benefits when they are designed to meet your needs and can adjust to your inventory levels. Our Sheet Metal Storage Solutions offer significant benefits over traditional cantilever rack systems.

Benefits our sheet metal storage customers see include:

  • Storage density increases of up to 400%.
  • Higher Load Capacity.
  • An organized, cleaner workspace that makes it easier to locate and handle materials.
  • Improve efficiencies and safety.
  • Enhance inventory controls and counts.
  • Reduce dropped and damaged sheets.
  • One employee can handle all loading and unloading.

Types of Sheet Materials Commonly Stored:

  • Steel Sheet/Plate
  • Laminates/Wood Sheets
  • Plastic Sheet
  • Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate
  • Aluminum Sheet/Plate
  • Composites

The Value of Vertical Sheet Metal Storage Solutions

Adding a vertical metal storage racks can significantly improve the speed at which your employees are able to locate, access or replace sheet materials in your workshop or warehouse.

Each level of our sheet storage system can be labeled to meet your specific requirements. Providing a clear visual to help organize and control your inventory.

Benefits of Doing Business with Summit Storage Solutions:

  • Welding Processes are AWS Certified.
  • Summit Storage Solutions is ISO 9001-2008 certified.
  • Diverse Manufacturing and Engineering Team
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Why Choose Custom-Fabricated Sheet Metal Storage Solutions?

When you contact Summit Storage Solutions for your sheet metal storage needs, we can provide you with a sheet metal racking system that is customized to your facility and your business. Why is this so important? A pre-made sheet metal storage rack that is not made with your company in mind can often result in wasted time as you try to make the rack fit into your set up, as well as wasted space when it doesn’t fit precisely.

On the other hand, a customized sheet metal racking system of the kind Summit Storage Solutions can provide can maximize your available space, both vertical and horizontal, while getting all of your excess sheet metal out of the way and in one place where your employees can easily load it or unload it when needed without wasting time or hurting themselves.

At Summit Storage Solutions, we specialize in coming up with the right storage plan for each company we work with. That means a unique plan that is designed with you in mind. Because we do all the work in-house, we can come up with a customized sheet metal storage rack system for you quite affordably. The money you can save by eliminating waste with a precision storage solution can easily provide the value you have been looking for.

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